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Class President In Remarkable Late Surge To Graduate; We’ve Begun Compiling 2012 Ky Derby Prospect List

Warren Eves | December 6, 2011

By Warren Eves Don’t know what designs they have on 2012 but Class President is a colt to jot down and follow. The first few times I watched the replay of the sixth at the Fairgrounds on December 3rd nothing really caught the eye. The fifth time we [...]

What Were Gulf Stews Looking After Race 1 March 20?; More Fodder For Central Judgment Center Off Track

Warren Eves | March 22, 2011

By Warren Eves What in the world are these high paid stewards looking at? Day after day we see clear cut evidence that those hired to enforce the rules of race riding are failing to do so. Take the first race at Gulfstream Park Saturday, March [...]