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Yonkers moves closer to comingled bets with France

Warren Eves | February 14, 2016

(From Harness Racing Update) By Tom Pedulla Yonkers Raceway appears to be on the verge of a major breakthrough by establishing commingled wagering pools with Pari Mutuel Urbain(PMU) that would enhance the appeal of races simulcast from the half-mile oval to France. Joe Faraldo, president [...]

Racing experts amazed Joao Moreira Unscathed; ‘Magic Man” falls at Happy Valley but merely sore

Warren Eves | February 4, 2016

By Warren Eves “It’s unbelievable!” Those were the words of Jay Richards, longtime HKJC analyst, after watching video tape of the spill of jockey Joao Moreira at Happy Valley on Wednesday. “Miraculous, really–that he escaped with nothing more than body soreness after several horses ran over [...]

Here’s something that won’t ever happen in US racing; A close up look at France’s Pau winter racing venue

Warren Eves | January 19, 2016

By Warren Eves They do things differently in France horse racing circles. An incident worth noting in our part of the world took place at Pau horse race course in south western France Tuesday, Jan., 19. Pau is actually best known for the Grand Prix auto [...]

Here’s a Guy who should bring his calling to the states

Warren Eves | January 4, 2016

By Warren Eves
Gary Guy’s dulcet tones are pleasing to one’s ear.
It was during a slow day on TVG, better known as the horse racing channel. Kurt Hoover was chatting with someone named Guy from somewhere in Canada.
Guy, not meant to be a pun, got my attention. Here was someone doing a whale of [...]

P Val’s lack of respect for profession is appauling!

Warren Eves | November 19, 2015

By Warren Eves His respect for the profession is nowhere to be found. His smile that charmed oh so many over the years has worn thin. The ranks of those who gave him second, third and fourth chances has dwindled.  The late Mike Mitchell gave him [...]