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Meadowlands’ crack handicapping crew aces full!; Brower, Prewitt, Heyden, Warkentin & Horowitz

Warren Eves | August 4, 2017

By Warren Eves The Meadowlands pre-race similcast commentary team is absolute! Every racetrack exec should be required to watch the best thought provoking wagering format show on the planet. Dave Brower and four others bring it! Sound reasoning backs up every opinion they might suggest. To [...]

Broberg’s Current Win Streak Is Difficult to Fathom; Jay Richards Cannot Believe Nobody Is On The Story

Warren Eves | June 14, 2015

By Warren Eves Why isn’t Karl Broberg in the headlines somewhere? Here’s what came from Jay Richards Sunday afternoon: “I am just a lonely voice in the wilderness crying out for an investigation of Midwest trainer Karl Broberg.  Am I the only turf writer(albeit a retired one) in America [...]

‘Pharoah’s TC Was Lot More Special in Ohio Circles: Veteran handicapper David K. Ruth Has Lived It All

Warren Eves | June 11, 2015

By Warren Eves What was there not to like about American Pharoah? Longtime horse playing buddy David W. Ruth puts TC losing saga in perspective. “Talk about losing streaks,” Ruth begins, “being born, raised, and living in the greater Cleveland area the majority of my life, [...]

Brainwash Couldn’t Run Any Better Without Winning; Estonia’s Last To First Run In Fgd Sixth Was BTL’d

Warren Eves | December 1, 2012

By Warren Eves If you wagered on Brainwash in Saturday’s sixth at the Fairgrounds it was a brutal beat. The Bret Calhoun-trained sophomore couldn’t have run any better without winning. Maggi Moss‘ recent $40,000 claim Fire Alarm got to the wire first with Rosie Napranik but [...]

Jockey Tyler Baze’s Riding Career May Be In Jeopardy

Warren Eves | December 10, 2010

By Warren Eves Reportedly jockey Tyler Baze’s race riding career could be in serious jeopardy. On July 24 at Del Mar Racetrack prior to the fifth race Baze was dumped by a horse named Night Justice.  He was kicked in the face and suffered serious facial fractures.  He’s not been seen [...]