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Insights Into The Inner Workings of Tim Osterman; Reveals His Scores, Bad Beats, & Betting Approaches

Warren Eves | January 29, 2014

We just learned that Tim Osterman passed away.  He was a dear friend of Warren’s and I always enjoyed reading his work.  Condolences to his family and friends and I am honored to republish Warren’s interview of Tim that occurred in January. MG By Warren Eves [...]

What’s Really Behind USTA Leaving the RMTC Circle?; Is Clenbuterol Time Frame Statute Really THE Issue?

Warren Eves | September 29, 2013

By Warren Eves On Septemter 26 the United State Trotting Association rejected RCI’s proposed national model rules on medical standards. Seeking reaction we contacted three respected veterinarians: Dr. Sheila Lyons, who testified before Congress in 2012, Brian Stewart of Australia’s Racing Victoria and Peter Curl of the Hong Kong [...]