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One time deli worker Martin Garcia moves to New York; It’s a move the 33YO jockey should have made long ago

Warren Eves | November 9, 2017

By Warren Eves Martin Garcia’s move to New York should not shock anyone. For years I have been puzzled as to why so many top jockeys continue to fight the huge odds to ride on the much coveted Southern California horse racing circuit. Garcia, as competent [...]

Has State-side Racing Seen The Last Of Martin Garcia? Are Immigration Issues Bigger Than Ever Imagined?

Warren H. Eves | December 29, 2010

By Warren Eves Martin Garcia was the best jockey in the west in this writer’s opinion. He has not ridden since November 7th , 2010. Until now everyone figured he’d be back once immigration issues were ironed out. Price Horse Central has learned we could have [...]