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  • May 2016
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    Yonkers moves closer to comingled bets with France

    Posted By Warren Eves on February 14, 2016

    (From Harness Racing Update) By Tom Pedulla Yonkers Raceway appears to be on the verge of a major breakthrough by establishing commingled wagering pools with Pari Mutuel Urbain(PMU) that would enhance the appeal of races simulcast from the half-mile oval to France. Joe Faraldo, president of the Standarbred Owners Association(SOA) of New York, said fans in France may begin wagering into North American pools as early as April or May. “Once we can do that, you change the whole dynamic of our game of harness racing,” Faraldo said, “because you (more…)

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    Bresnahan, Jr. responds to EPO positive

    Posted By Warren Eves on February 12, 2016

    (From the pages of Harness Racing Update) On Jan., 30, I was informed by the Meadowlands that my horse, Tag Up and Go tested positive for EPO when an out of competition test was done at my barn on Dec., 8(see HRU, Jan., 31).  This news was a complete shock to me and obviously very upsetting.  I did not administer EPO, nor did I authorize anyone else to do so. Brice Cote(the head of security at the Meadowlands) has been to my barn a couple of times to do out of competition testing on several of my horses and I’ve (more…)

    Awesome News From Ireland’s Anti Doping Force

    Posted By Warren Eves on February 10, 2016

    By Warren Eves Those who follow this site know we’ve been relentless on the subject of drug cheats in sport. You may have missed some awesome news out of Ireland last week due to all the Super Bowl fluff. The headline in the Sporting Post read: “Irish Clampdown On Cheats.” “Horses found to have been administered prohibitive substances, including anabolic steroids are set to be handed lifetime bans in Ireland.” This is the sort of action we’ve been hoping a myriad of horse racing factions in the (more…)

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    Racing experts amazed Joao Moreira Unscathed; ‘Magic Man” falls at Happy Valley but merely sore

    Posted By Warren Eves on February 4, 2016

    By Warren Eves “It’s unbelievable!” Those were the words of Jay Richards, longtime HKJC analyst, after watching video tape of the spill of jockey Joao Moreira at Happy Valley on Wednesday. “Miraculous, really–that he escaped with nothing more than body soreness after several horses ran over him when his horse clipped heels and unseated him entering the home straight in Wednesday night’s first race.  His mount was on the rail, right behind the leader, when it happened.” Richards, the former turf writer for the Las Vegas Review Journal, has been doing video tape review for around 25 years. He’s never been higher on a rider than “Magic Man” Moreira. “Thank God I’m talking to you right now,” Alan Aitken quoted him.  ”Former champion Douglas Whyte (more…)

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    Christine’s book about Bill Hartack to be released soon

    Posted By Warren Eves on January 30, 2016

    By Warren Eves It’s sub title is “The Bittersweet Life of a Hall of Fame Jockey.” We’re talking about Bill Christine’s book about Bill Hartack. Most sports fans associate Christine with the Los Angeles Times.  ”He’s always been kind to horse racing,” said famed jockey agent Harry “The Hat” Hacek Saturday when learning about the soon to be released book. Here’s a snippet of what the publisher says about the book: Bill Hartack won the Kentucky Derby five times, and seemed to hate every moment of it.  One (more…)

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    Here’s something that won’t ever happen in US racing; A close up look at France’s Pau winter racing venue

    Posted By Warren Eves on January 19, 2016

    By Warren Eves They do things differently in France horse racing circles. An incident worth noting in our part of the world took place at Pau horse race course in south western France Tuesday, Jan., 19. Pau is actually best known for the Grand Prix auto racing on its streets.  It’s auto racing history goes back to 1900. Pau, the horse racing course, is actually known as the Hippodrome de Pau. They race primarily in the winter. Today at Pau in race two at the distance of 1950 meters, a four-year-old Texbok flipped in the gate, got loose, ran off, and delayed things for quite some time.  In the states, he would have been scratched. Not so in France. It took quite some time to capture Texbok. Expecting a late scratching, I was surprised when they re-saddled Texbok at the point he was captured. His jockey ran down to the point where he was being re-saddled. He remounted and returned Texbok to the starting (more…)

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    Mo Tom’s Win in Lecomte Better Than It Appears?

    Posted By Warren Eves on January 16, 2016

    By Warren Eves Mo Tom’s stretch surge at the Fairgrounds Saturday was better than appears. Replay review of the Uncle Mo colt’s win has to leave you a bit impresed with the winning run in the Grade III Lecomte at a mile and 70 yards. Off the far turn he had but one foe beat. Corey Lanerie wheeled the colt to the middle of the track. He took hold without much prodding. Lanerie gave him several left handed whacks of the whip midway through the lane, and the colt did the (more…)

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    Here’s a Guy who should bring his calling to the states

    Posted By Warren Eves on January 4, 2016

    By Warren Eves

    Gary Guy’s dulcet tones are pleasing to one’s ear.

    It was during a slow day on TVG, better known as the horse racing channel. Kurt Hoover was chatting with someone named Guy from somewhere in Canada.

    Guy, not meant to be a pun, got my attention. Here was someone doing a whale of a job selling a racing venue named Grand River. His voice, as well as his delivery, piqued my curiosity. During my years as publicity man at Saratoga Harness in upstate New York in the 70s I visited a host of Canadian racetracks. The reason I had never heard of Grand River? It did not yet exist. Grand River is a half- mile oval in South Elora in the province of Ontario.  Elora was founded in 1832 by Captain William Gilkison, a British officer. They originally called it the Irvine Settlement. Thanks to a mayor’s tie breaking vote, it became a racing facility despite community opposition early on. Grand River opened in 2004. The venue included 200 slot machines. In recent years we’ve seen a once proud race callers’ profession go copycat crazy. Nearly every person describing horse (more…)

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    P Val’s lack of respect for profession is appauling!

    Posted By Warren Eves on November 19, 2015

    By Warren Eves His respect for the profession is nowhere to be found. His smile that charmed oh so many over the years has worn thin. The ranks of those who gave him second, third and fourth chances has dwindled.  The late Mike Mitchell gave him more support than anyone. A legion of racetrack stewards no longer buy his baloney. How dare he complain about one racetrack authority that finally said no mas! By now it’s likely you figured out we’re talking about (more…)

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    DVM Sheila Lyons is nowhere to be found these days: Minimal progress since her testimony before Congress

    Posted By Warren Eves on October 29, 2015

    By Warren Eves I wish this wasn’t so. Quite some time ago one of my best sources disappeared from view. DVM Sheila Lyons, an expert on the subject of illegal drugs in horse racing, is nowhere to be found. For many, many months she did not answer her phone. Repeated e-mails were not answered. The last person I know to have contact with her was Joe Drape of the New York Times.  I do not know where she has gone or what she is doing. We have to wonder if she finally became totally frustrated with the entire picture. She mentioned more than once, in frustration, she just might pull up stakes and go to work for European clients. I just don’t know, and that’s sad. Ms. Lyons was as well versed on drug abuse issues in horse racing as anyone I ever came across. Back on November 21, 2013, Ms. Lyons testified in front of Congress. “I fully support the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act of 2013 and its mandate of drug free horse racing,” she said. She continued: “The pervasive use of injury masking and performance enhancing drugs in horse racing in the United States has created a crisis in the horse racing industry and is destroying the reputation of a once vibrant sport.” Ms. Lyons and I had many conversations on the subject of (more…)

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