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HTW Glossary

Warren Eves ‘  HORSES TO WATCH Glossary:

Brackets: reference made to parenthesis which used to be used around the index number of a horse entered to race.  Handicappers used to have nothing but this number when the draw was made and had to look up each horse individually in their charts.  Today’s handicappers have it much easier and are given pp’s(past performances) from the Racing Form in a matter of minutes.  Technology has made things much easier for professional handicappers.

Brk: break from the starting gate.

BTL: better than looked effort.

BU’d: bumped.

Chk’d: checked or was taken up, usually do to a plethora of reasons.

Dbs: reference to a horse moving down the backstretch.

Fr: abbreviation of from.

FTG: raced as first time gelding, one of the most important equipment changes in racing whether it be thoroughbred or quarter horse.   It’s a good idea to follow these horses for several starts because often times you can account for improved efforts.  Cutting, or gelding a horse, tends to make them more focused.

FTL: abbreviation for a horse racing on the bleeder medication Lasix for the first time.  It’s a diuretic medication which a majority of horsemen used on their horses.

G-1: galloped out well after the finish.

G-2: galloped out stronger than usual into and around the turn.

Gimmee: expression used when observer is led to believe the connections were giving the horse an easy race in preparation for something down the road.

Hammered:  Term usually used to report the horse received unusual betting support at the windows.

Jost: abbreviation of jostled.

Leggy: a horse who sports a long stride and is usually bigger than average.  A big horse will invariably beat a smaller framed horse when push comes to shove.

LI: abbreviation use in commentary when horse is lugging in.  This can be caused by a number of things from improper bit, a bad tooth, or a physical problem.

Mdn: abbreviation for maiden, a horse who has yet to win its first race.

NW2: horse which has yet to win a race with the condition of non winners of two races.

Pinballed: this is a serious way to denote a horse who gets bounded around between foes and usually affects the overall performance of a horse.

Pp: abbreviation for the post the horse left the starting gate.

Rammy: this is term we use to suggest the horse is not racing kindly.  Sometimes it’s there temperament, other times they have been intimidated by flying clods, being in tight quarters.

Ruff: abbreviation of rough.

Str: abbreviation for stretch.

T & R: trying and reaching, in other words, nice way of traveling.

Wdbs: raced wide down backstretch, losing ground in the process.

*: one asterisk denotes a horse who performed or exhibited special talent or promise

**: two asterisks denotes very special performance and a horse believed to be special

©  Warren Eves, 2010, All Rights Reserved

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