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Meadowlands’ crack handicapping crew aces full!; Brower, Prewitt, Heyden, Warkentin & Horowitz

By Warren Eves

The Meadowlands pre-race similcast commentary team is absolute!

Every racetrack exec should be required to watch the best thought provoking wagering format show on the planet.

Dave Brower and four others bring it! Sound reasoning backs up every opinion they might suggest. To this hardened pari-mutuel bettor, it’s obvious the Big M team of handicappers leave little doubt it’s likely these guys are probably betting real money on their well based opinions.

Their show comes on the air before the first race out of East Rutherford, Bergen County, New Jersey.

Gabe Prewitt teams with Brower to kick things off prior to race one. It’s obvious these guys have done a heap of work on every aspect in an effort to point out live possibilities on the night’s program.

Bob Heyden, Ken Warkentin and Justin Horowitz make up the rest of the crackerjack handicapping team at the Big M. Every one of these guys brings something to the microphone, not just some play it safe commentary.

The famed Hambletonian, which used to be held during the Duquoin, Illinois state fair, now calls Meadowlands it’s home. Saturday Long Tom is the favorite to win the one-million dollar event.

So if you get a chance this weekend, make sure to check out these guys when their Big M signal comes on the air. I’m certain they will have a lot of interesting angles about the Hambo and beyond.

And then there’s Yonkers, where the viewers are subjected to the dumbest venue you can find. Where is their general manager? Is he paying attention?

1. For mind boggling reasons Yonkers keeps their graphics up on the screen when the horses are scoring the final time.

2. The announcer speaks in hused tones, and it’s a guessing game for even the hardened veteran to pick up on when they start is near. It’s bush league, for sure!

That’s not the way Yonkers was when I was publicity director at Saratoga Raceway. They simply have no clue when it comes to the video stream they are sending out to those who want to brave their mickey mouse operation.

Notes scribbled across my program–I’m all in for this new show Saratoga Live production which is being carried on Fox Sports TV. I watched the show for the first time on Wednesday, July 26. They gave complete coverage of the last four races on the card. Greg Wolf, who first made the horse racing scene on TVG years ago, is a good fit as he sets the stage for the commentators. To say I was shocked when learning Tony Allevato was behind the awesome Saratoga Live television program would be an understatement. When he called the shots at TVG he was not one I complimented. But the current NYRA show showing the final four races at Saratoga is over the top good. Now I know how Paul Lo Duca wound up in the commentator chair. He took Richard Migliore’s slot and obvioiusly got a call from Allevato. With tallented Gabby Gaudet and Maggie Wolfendale on the team, they are giving viewers what we’ve been crying for a very long time. Some insight. Add the commentary of Andy Serling who always brings something to those who wager and you’ve got something to much on. Maggie has always been one of my favorite commentators. Toss in Frank Mirahmadi and not to many angles are going to be left out………….Night after night the best starting gate crews and the best starters are at Woodbine and Evangeline Downs. Kudos to those two venues because they are prolific examples of how things could and should go entering and leaving the starting barrier………….No news out of Arcadia, Ca., as of yet on what Tim Ritvo may do with the mess in the racing office. We advocated sweeping changes, but so far nothing along those lines has taken place. The first order of business should be angling somehow to break the agreement the TOC has with the famed racetrack. It was Mike Pegram and company who led the way when the Thoroughbred Owners of California got their foot in the door and eventually had too much to say………I know harness racing bettors who say they have quit playing Yonkers because of their horrible video streaming format.

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Warren Eves
Warren Eves is a senior turf writer from the state of California who calls Pearl River, Louisiana his home. The one time editor of the Pasadena Independent Star News moved on to handle publicity for racetracks coast to coast. Eves gained his first exposure to the racetrack through a school buddy the late Art Lerille, Jr., who eventually became a trainer in California. Warren worked as farm manager for crack two-year-old trainer Ray Priddy, before holding on track jobs at the racetrack. He worked for Hall of Fame trainer M.E. "Buster" Millerick, Allen Drumheller, Jr., and Dick Moon. Eves has a well rounded background in all breeds. He developed Quarter Horse Report in 1979 with Ed Burgart, track announcer, at Los Alamitos Race Course. It was an innovative publication which revolutionized the industry with actual descriptions of the workouts. While handling publicity at Saratoga Raceway in upstate New York Eves was named employee of the year in 1970. He also handled publicity for Sunland Park, Centennial Park, Ascot Park, Thistledown, and two harness meetings in California. Eves then went into the 900-line business with his best plays and has compiled his own Kentucky Derby ratings for many years. In 1997 he began going back and forth to Las Vegas teaming up with Ralph Siraco to create the long runining radio show Raceday Las Vegas. Eves has produced and directed many horse racing shows on both radio and television. In 2010 he got a call from Mark Geiger. That's when he began writing Eves, with a reputation of a trip handicapper, is known for his video tape scrutiny. He currently monitors horse racing in for a major horseplayer. While writing for Ridder Publication at the Pasadena Star News his investigative reporting was highly regarded by his peers. Often on the cutting edge, Eves has been given the green light to write about what issues he sees fit to cover. Have a question. His book "Hold All Tickets" is soon to be made available for those who come to this site. It's a factual account of actual events and happenings that took place in the 70s, 80s and 90s. If Warren doesn't know the answer to a question you may have, he'll tell you up front. Eves won't drop it there, however, he'll find someone who knows the answer and get back to you.


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