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Chalk Festival Horses – 1/5/14

My buddy scratched out of the co-feature.

Brutal weather conditions for today’s NFL game in Green Bay.  Good luck to them.  Maybe a barn switcher or two later.


Race 4:  #9

Race 6:  #8

Yesterday’s result:  1 horse – out of the money.

Meet to date:  21 horses, 7 winners, 6 seconds, $ 45 returned.


Race 8:  #2

Yesterday’s result:  1 horse – out of the money

Meet to date:  14 horses, 7 winners, 2 seconds, $52 returned.

About The Author

Mark Geiger
I was born and raised in Chicago. I first went to old Sportsman's Park in Chicago in 1968 and have been hooked ever since. In the 90's I published Sherlock's Trainer Report which reported on trainer patterns on the California circuits. In the interim, my involvement with this game has been as a fan and wagerer. I study human intention and proficiency. At the track, this often takes the form of changes in a horse's condition or its rider. I look for price horses. I do this by examining factors that the public minimizes. Find a horse that you like that the public should not and you might have a value play. I also employ a methodology that focuses on horses that have a good chance of landing in the exacta. While many of these are chalk horses, an occasional price horse pops up. These exacta horses, which are listed here everyday, run first or second at least 40% of the time. In a game where 20% is a high batting average, the possibilities are endless.


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  1. John L says:

    Impressive. Using them with my own trainer book and the results have been really good in exotics.

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